Proven Projects of Rapid Prototyping

rapid prototyping
Rapid prototyping brings concepts to real flexibly, hence, a lot possibilities come true for small lot production, as well as research & development engineering!

Tens of thousands of customers enjoyed our service of  prototype making across the globe, they are Engineering  companies, renowed brand onwers and so on!

Tengrui takes its pride in our dedicated works and high-level customer centered service that overpass diverse challenges, bring the maximum possibilits to every single part by our in-depth knowhow & lean manufacturing experience for small lot production. 

It's more than happy to showcase some projects here that we worked  with vacuum casting  & CNC machining!

Vacuum Casting

CNC machined parts for car

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Have any query or need a quote on your project? Simply email us your 3D file & surface finishing requirements, as well as the required quantity, we will feedback at the soonest time!
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