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vacuum casting tooling for plastic part
Vacuum casting (silicone molding) is also called urethane casting, which makes small volume plastic parts at a quick & cost effective way, is an ideal solution to low volume manufacturing.

The material options for the vaccum casted plastic parts are extensive: ABS, PC, and soft rubber, which will be checked & decided upon the specific 3D drawing.  And we can customize the color,  surface finishing , texture and more for various of products.  Moreover, overmolding likely product is also workable by vacuum casting. 

A specific feature of Vacuum casting:
It overmatches plastic injection in unregular shaped parts, either it is pointy corners, shortcut or inconsistent thickness parts, vacuum casting works all well with them. However, we suggest impoving it for tooling concerns in advance.  

As a pioneered vacuum casting manufacturer, our workshop is equipped with the top-notch vacuum casting machines, which is available to make prototypes & low volume manufacturing parts with dimensions up to 2200mm*1200mm*1000mm. 
the process of vacuum casting manufacturing

Vacuum Casting Process

There are 3 main Steps in Vaccum Casting Manufacturers' Workshop:

I.  Master model --- CNC machining an original part upon 3D drawing

II. Silicone mold --- liquid silicone is poured around the master model and cured. Once the silicon is dry, remove master model from the silicone mold to get the cavity. 

III, Casting --- the resin is poured into the cavity to create a production like replica or reproducing. 

improve vacuum casted parts manually

Manual Modification & Painting

Like the injection molded parts, there are burrs or rustic parts on the surface of the vacuum casted parts, our technicians will guide well-trained workers to modify & polish the surfeace carefully. 

Painting is advocated to define the product exterior surface rather in mold works for vacuum casting,  like colors and textures, it comes with better result in this way. 

Printings & assembly will be done at the end for vacuum casting manufacturing, and assembly test is implemented for every single part to make sure formfitting assembly before delivery. 


What's the biggest advantage of vacuum casting?
Answer: receive production-grade products without investment in steel tooling. Short lead time,  and  speed up R&D of new products. 

How to work with vacuum casting manufacturer?
Answer: simply send us the 3D file, our engineers will review & evaluate to work on a quotation shortly. 

What's the life-span of a silicone mold?
Answer: Good question, it is available to make 15-20pcs each silicone mold varies with 3D designs. Furthermore, it's highlighted that we must go to reproducing immediately once the silicone mold is ready, there will be deformation on the silicone mold cavity in short time. And vacuum casting manufacturer will make new silicone mold every time for a repeated production.
worker operate the vacum casting chamber

Need a quote?

Have any query or need a quote on your project? Simply email us your 3D file & surface finishing requirements, as well as the required quantity, we will feedback at the soonest time!
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