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Rapid prototyping by vacuum casting benefits the soonest possibilities & maximum flexibilities from prototype to production, is optimal for low volume manufacturing.

We are Tengrui FUMO ,  a Well-known China Prototyping  Manufacturer

Shenzhen Teng Rui FUMO Co., Ltd., a workshop of China prototyping,  is focusing on vacuum casting and CNC machining.  

We are a bunch of like-minded professionals with solid experience in rapid prototyping; Our dedicated team consists of full-fledged mechanical engineers, technicians, exprienced craftsmen and customer service, serving customers with one-stop rapid prototyping solutions, and striving for the highest-level of customer satisfication!  During last 10 years working experience, Tengrui-as a China prototyping leader, served various customers on a wide range of product categories: car parts, food & medical industries, digital, household appliances...etc.,  and have built up long term partnerships with Industry Design & Engineering companies, SEM factories and many others across the world. Kindly refer to case study page for some track record of masterpieces from us!

Prototyping Service

Vacuum Casting or Urethane Casting Service

CNC Machining Service

Mechanical Design Reviewing

a iilustrator for rapid prototyping process

Rapid Prototyping

Prototypes are veryfying mechanical designs, checking product funcational workability and showcasing in marketing promotion compaign.

It offeres the maximum possibility & full flexbility to cater to the demand of  prototypes prior to injection molding on set. It brings production-grade samples at very low time without high investment.  

Tengrui is a pioneered China prototyping manufacturer and knows the ins & outs of prototyping industry in practice!

Vacuum Casting 

Some one call it urethane casting or silicone molding, is ideal for small lot production, like 20pcs-200pcs a time. Meanwhile, it is avlaible for all colors and surface texture requirements;  Whatever we applied on the injection molded parts,  it is all fullfilled here. 
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vacuum casting process for China prototyping
CNC Machining for China prototyping

CNC Machining

CNC machining delivers high speed, high precision, and robust rapid part manufacturing solutions. Teng Rui machined parts from various materials, plastic, steel, aluminum...etc.,
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Design Reviewing

Our full -fledged engineering team helps to review, evaluate and revise 3D drawings in collaboration with customers, not only for the prototyping concerns, but also for the injection tooling optimizations.  
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design reviewing for China prototyping

Virginia Panamala

Industrial Designer
We served customers better with Tengrui's help! Teng Rui team helped us so much in verifying mechanical designs they gave us improvment suggestions based on solid exprience in partice of rapid prototyping, discussed all wokable possibilities and options of materials". We received production-grade prototypes and proceed our works smoothly. 

John Font

"Our marketing team is satisfied with the prototypes from Tengrui, so happy to have their service of vacuum casting  to make small quantity orders! "

Lisa Collins

"Tengrui Worked with excellent service, and they knew ins & outs of mechanical engineering, materials & craftsmanship."

Matthew Ball

"The prototypes from Tengrui are great, fine details in color, surface finishing, materials and packaging"

Need a quote?

Have any query or need a quote on your project? Simply email us your 3D file & surface finishing requirements, as well as the required quantity, we will feedback at the soonest time!
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